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Some Syrian refugees Go Home, others too scared- The Daily Star


BEIRUT: Around 1,200 Syrian refugees have been deregistered with the U.N. High Commission for Refugees in north Lebanon, according to the latest report from the agency.

Half of those are believed to have returned to Syria, while the rest are thought to have relocated elsewhere in Lebanon, the report adds.

The remaining registered refugees, numbering 2,819, are “unwilling to return until stability and security is restored in their Syrian villages,” the report states.

“Many individuals and families have been deeply traumatized by the events that caused them to flee, and by the ongoing persecution of those they know and/or care about back home,” it adds.

The United Nations says at least 2,900 Syrians have been killed since the popular uprising against the government of President Bashar Assad began over six months ago.

During the second incursion by Syrian troops into Lebanon this week, a Syrian farmer was shot dead on the Lebanese side of the border, in the Bekaa village of Arsal, Thursday afternoon.

The UNHCR report states that “shooting continued to be heard in border areas.”

The report stresses the need for protection for the Syrian refugees.

The vast majority of Syrians who have arrived to Lebanon in recent weeks have come from Talkalakh and Homs, the report says, and “express fear and anxiety about returning, and most do not feel that the situation is safe enough for them to do so.”

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