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Press Release UPDATE Victory for Freedom of Expression

Beirut, 27 October 2011

Frontiers Ruwad Association has issued a press release on 19 September 2011, condemning the oppressive measures that were started against two defense lawyers, Carlos Daoud and Nizar Saghieh, on grounds the former for writing a legal article and the latter for publishing it in a specialized publication “Legal Agenda”, issue of July 2011.

Frontiers Ruwad Association is pleased to learn that the Head of Beirut Bar Association dropped the preliminary disciplinary investigation. Me.
Carlos was notified of the decision orally, while Me. Saghieh was only orally notified of the opening of the investigation but not of closing it.

Frontiers Ruwad Association re-reiterates its position that lawyers’ right to freedom of expression should be upheld, particularly when it concerns general public issues and concerns, as well as when it concerns matters related to their own Order. The decision of the Head of Beirut Bar Association also confirms that public freedoms enshrined in the Lebanese Constitution, which Me. Daoud and Me. Saghieh were merely defending cannot be undermined. Further, the internal rules and regulations of the Bar Association confirm these rights and there are no regulations that forbid lawyers from expressing their legal opinions publicly.

Frontiers Ruwad Association urges all lawyers members of the Bar Association to be vigilant and active in defending their basic and fundamental rights. We urge the Bar Association Council and candidates to the next Council to explicitly commit themselves to the protection of lawyers’ freedom, so that the Bar Association is up to its mission in protecting and defending public freedoms, and becomes a leader for other professional syndicates and trade unions.

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