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URGENT APPEAL: Syrian wounded are denied medical care in Lebanon

URGENT APPEAL: Syrian wounded are denied medical care in Lebanon

12 July 2012

The Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations (UOSSM) has received important information regarding Syrian injured prevented from medical urgent care by the Lebanese government and requests your urgent intervention in the following situation:

The UOSSM has been informed that on Tuesday 10th of July 2012, injured Syrians fleeing violence have been prevented by the Lebanese High Commission for Relief to benefit from a proper medical care.  This action follows the governmental commission’s decision on the 2 July 2012 to freeze its financial support to public hospitals that treat Syrian wounded.

According to information received, the Tripoli Public Hospital has repelled two Syrian individuals heavily injured denying them medical assistance on Tuesday 10th July 2012. The access to proper medical treatment was refused to the injured on the basis of the decision made by the Lebanese High Commission for Relief’s, as stated by the Hospital administrators.

Following this political decision, the Lebanese Red Croissant has also stopped providing first aid and transporting Syrian wounded arriving at the borders forced to flee the violent crackdown into a neighboring country.

The UOSSM denounces the pressure made by the Syrian regime on the Lebanese government and the consequences of the political decision to deny medical assistance to civilian victims affected by the devastating bombing campaigns.

The Lebanese State should ensure that the basic needs of the Syrian refugees are met, that they are treated with dignity, are not subject to discriminatory treatment, and have access to basic services such first aid assistanceand health care.

 The UOSSM commends the timely response of the High Relief Commission and its partners such as  Lebanese Red Croissant to fulfill their humanitarian mission which is to provide humanitarian assistance to all persons in need (civilian population, refugees) irrespective of their legal status and without discrimination.

 Finally, the UOSSM calls for the immediate intervention of all states signatories of the Geneva Conventions, who have the duty to put pressure on the Lebanese authorities to lift its blockade and to respect the relevant provisions of International Humanitarian Law and guarantee the access of all civilians to medical assistance.



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