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NGO Statement on EXCOM Conclusion – Civil Registration

STANDING Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme


25 – 27 June 2013

 NGO Statement on the ExCom Conclusion

Agenda Item 3(d)


Madame Chair, Ladies and Gentlemen,


This statement (available at: www.icvanetwork.org) is delivered by Plan International.  It has been drafted in consultation with, and is delivered on behalf of, a wide range of NGOs and aims to reflect the diversity of views within the NGO community.


We thank the Rapporteur for his update and his leadership during this challenging process.


NGOs welcome the Executive Committee’s resumption of Conclusions negotiations. We applaud Mexico’s proposal for the theme of civil registration and ExCom members for agreeing to this proposal.  

We underscore the importance of civil registration, especially birth registration, which is a vital link to the realization of protection and durable solutions. Marriage and death registration are also pivotal aspects of civil registration, and are key to ensuring that stateless people enjoy their rights.  Civil registration and vital statistics are essential tools, both for stateless people and for States to prevent and address statelessness.

During the negotiations, we urge ExCom Member State representatives to refrain from lowering existing standards adopted in previous ExCom conclusions and relevant human rights instruments.  We hope the process proceeds smoothly and a consensus is achieved as soon as possible.  NGOs stand ready to assist Member States and UNHCR in the implementation of the Conclusion.

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